Workplace Accident Reporting Software

When your workforce knows exactly what process to follow to report accidents, incidents and near misses at work, you get a soft benefit as well: a culture of trust and transparency.


CairAlert accident and incident reporting system

Allows the worker to receive instant feedback thanking them for their report and reminding them of the contribution this makes towards creating a safe workplace culture.  The worker will also be able to see the results of any incident investigation and action taken by their manager and health and safety team to prevent future incidents.  Health and safety and the worker will also be alerted should anyone along the reporting chain not take the appropriate action upon receiving an accident or incident report thus creating a transparent reporting system.

And one of the most important elements of creating transparency is to simplify your processes and improve communication.  an incident reporting system software creates exactly that situation by allowing your workers to see the whole process and understand exactly how the process is supposed to work.  This encourages employees to report more. It also gives workers and managers a stronger foundation to communicate with each other, since everyone understands how incident resolution should be handled.

As a direct result of providing accurate data that is delivered in real time, your employer gains a greater appreciation for the work you perform on their behalf. This in turn makes it that much easier to take a collaborative approach in addressing the health and safety issues your organisation might face.

Less time spent in the office

This translates to improved productivity over time.  It stands to reason that if lone workers who often work out and about or your workforce who do not work at a desk with a computer no longer need to fill out paperwork or download a long and laborious form from a computer and can report from a mobile whilst out in the field, factory floor or literally in a field, then productivity will increase.  In addition,workers can find it easier to focus on their work without busy office distractions.