With real-time reporting we aim to improve the safety of your remote workers and give health & safety professionals the data they need to effectively manage incidents.

The first mobile app for remote workers that allows them to report both  accidents, incidents of aggression and violence as well as Covid-19 safety breaches.

How It works

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We have created a mobile application to help remote workers report incidents, accidents near misses and now Covid-Related issues whilst remaining out in the field.

Real-time reporting

Using CairAlert will mean that action can be taken more swiftly to deal with or prevent subsequent incidents.

Reduces the spread of Covid-19

CairAlert Covid-19 reporting will help organistions take swift action should one of their workers come into contact with someone displaying symptoms.

Less time spent in the office

With CairAlert remote workers will no longer have to go back to the office to report an incident.

Less paperwork

CairAlert eliminates the need for paper forms.

Increased reporting

Remote workers are 5 times more likely to report with CairAlert.

Reduced accidents

Reduces the number of accidents and incidents at work. With increased reporting comes fewer incidents

Application Features

Manage Reports

Line Managers will be able to manage reports.

View Reports

Here Lone workers will be able to view the ongoing activity of the reports they have submitted and view feedback from their line manager.

Submit a Report

The Lone Workers can submit the reports to their Line Managers on any issue or incident.

Sign In

User will be able to log in to the application through a unified login screen.

Archive Reports

View historical reports online through the application.

Report Status

View online activity status of each report i.e active/closed.

Upload Images

In the premium version Users will be able to upload and send images.

Report Feedback

Users will be thanked for submitting their report and reminded how important their action is for preventing accidents or incidents in the future.

Safety & GDPR messages

In the premium version Users will be reminded that using the App whilst driving or with the engine running is illegal and also reminded to use appropriate language when reporting an accident or incident.

Our Work Process


In most organisations staff have one form to report both accidents and violent incidents which means they have to trawl through a lot of unnecessary fields before they can start to report. With CairAlert it is simply a matter of selecting:

Near Miss Report

Near Miss Report

CairAlert will provide your organization with a simple yet rigid near miss reporting system to help prevent more serious or fatal incidents.

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

CairAlert enables users to record real-time incidents of aggression, violence, bullying and harassment via the mobile app and get emotional support from colleagues should they require it.

Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting

CairAlert enables users to record accidents in seconds via a mobile app and secure website.

Covid-19 Reporting

Covid-19 Reporting

New Feature – Through the CairAlert App users will be able to record both breaches of Covid-19 safety measures and exposure to the disease.

Our Packages


  • Accident Reporting
  • Incident Reporting
  • Covid Reporting
  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Manager & Administrator Reporting
  • User Analytics


  • All Essential Package +
  • Access to Dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Request Wellbeing Support
  • Image Upload


  • All Essential Package +
  • Company Logo & Brand
  • Customisable Forms
  • Customisable Reports



Administrator portal

Image capture

Safety messages

GDPR Compliant

Free Online Training (Coming Soon)

Instant feedback for users

Fully customisable reports.

Anonymous Reporting


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Future Developments

Artificial intelligence to collect and model data patterns, predicting trends and automatically alerting users who may be at risk.

Extra reports will include:
Safeguarding Reporting

RIDDOR Reporting

Mental Health Checks for remote workers

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