Incident Reporting System Software

Most organisations have a B1 510 Accident Book, but if your workforce is spread out over the country or works out and about then accident books are not very practical.
Replacing paper reports with real-time accident incident and near miss reporting software doesn’t just get vital information to the necessary people quicker — it also ensures that all necessary data is included in the report. The use of real-time data enables the automation of several parts of the reporting process — time stamps can be filled out using your phone’s internal clock andemployees’ details are automatically entered ensuring the accuracy of this crucial pieces of data. Eliminating the potential for errors in reporting will prevent confusion and guarantee a faster resolution.

CairAlert real-time incident and near miss reporting software

Can allow clients to customise which fields their employees need to fill out. Because these fields are mandatory, you won’t have to worry about receiving incomplete reports that lack the necessary information for resolving the problem. With accurate data, mistakes will be avoided, and effective solutions will be found for each incident.