Accident Reporting Software

Much has been written about violence towards lone workers; however, little attention has been given to the reporting behaviour of staff, especially lone working staff.  The HSE state the following reasons why they don’t always report:

  • they think violence is part of the job.
  • they think reporting violence will make them look incompetent and just add to their stress.
  • they don’t know how to record and report violence.
  • recording and reporting procedures are time-consuming or too complicated. 
  • management don’t encourage them to record violence. 
  • they think that management or the police won’t take any action.
  • they think the reputation of the business may be damaged.
  • they are concerned about licence or insurance implications.

In some sectors or organisations reporting can be seen as unnecessary or stigmatising. For this reason, it is important to ensure that managers and employees understand why reporting of all types of abusive behaviour, accidents and near misses is necessary.

A robust accident and incident reporting system is crucial for preventing violence at work. It will help establish measures that will protect employees in the future. While carrying out or reviewing risk assessments you should review past incidents. Risk assessments will only reflect an accurate picture when regular reporting is taking place. It will also help you identify trends, and plan for specific times of the year, days of the week, or common operational situations where violence and aggression to members of staff are more likely to occur.

CairAlert’s simple accident and incident reporting system

makes it easy for lone and remote working staff to report and allows you the employer to understand the factors that caused the incident. CairAlert:

  • Has a robust and easy to use reporting system available to all
  • Gives feedback on reports made
  • Communicates the steps their manager is going to take to prevent reoccurrence of similar incidents
  • Communicates resulting changes to procedures or methods of working
  • Is completely transparent


Reduced Accidents and Incidents

Timely and accurate reporting means that employers can identify where and how risks arise and whether they need to be investigated. It also allows your health and safety team to target their work and provide advice on how to avoid work-related deaths, injuries, ill health, and accidental loss can be prevented. One of the biggest barriers to reporting, especially by lone workers is the difficulty in reporting whilst out and about.  CairAlert will remove this barrier, increase reporting, and allow for a faster more effective organisational response to prevent future incidents.

Faster Escalation, Faster Time to Resolution

It is far too easy for accidents to be reported in an accident book with managers or health and safety knowing about it for weeks.  One of the biggest benefits of incident management software lies in incident resolution.When you use incident management software, you can address problems faster. Because the system helps you stay organized and escalate your response quickly, you can easily address incidents as they arise.

How CairAlert Incident Reporting App can help improve reporting in your organisation

CairAlert is a Mobile Reporting System that allows employees to report accidents and incidents of violence and aggression including near misses, from their mobile phone.  The report is sent instantly to their manager and health and safety administrator simultaneously.