Jackie Dolan – Founder

Jackie Dolan is the co-author of “Working Alone – surviving & thriving”, along with Mike Woods and Diana Lamplugh OBE. She has been delivering Lone Worker Safety Training for over 25 years and is the Head of The National Network of Training Consultants and is passionate about the importance of reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses at work in creating a safe working culture. Being aware of the difficulties for lone workers in reporting incidents she has created the CairAlert Mobile App with the aim of revolutionising reporting systems and eventually to improve the communication of potential risks to those workers whose personal safety could be put at risk by the work they do.


digi4front are partnering with Cairalert to provide technical expertise and support. They will be working with us to develop our future innovation.

In the near future, CairAlert will include Artificial Intelligence to collect and model data patterns, predicting trends and automatically alerting users who may be at risk. We also hope to develop the App so that users can also report on Safeguarding issues, and that RIDDOR reporting is done automatically, reducing the workload of health & safety professionals.


Digitally Transforming Safety

We believe passionately in developing technology to save lives.

CairAlert is the smartest way to keep your remote workers safe. A couple of taps and you are instantly informed of any incidents.

The first mobile app for remote workers that allows them to report both accidents, incidents of aggression and violence as well as Covid-19 safety breaches.

Time Saved

CairAlert can reduce the time it takes for remote workers to complete an incident for by up to 94%.

Increase in Reporting

Remote workers will be up to 5 times more likely to report with CairAlert.

Reducing Incidents

CairAlert can reduce both accidents and incidents at work.

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Future Developments

Artificial intelligence to collect and model data patterns, predicting trends and automatically alerting users who may be at risk.

Extra reports will include:
Safeguarding Reporting

RIDDOR Reporting

Mental Health Checks for remote workers

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